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Tax Litigation Services

Alpert Law Firm are the Tax Law Professionals with over 40 years experience in winning leading cases. We have achieved great success for our clients in tax litigation. Our team has superior case management skills and are dedicated to achieving maximum results.

We work closely with our clients and their accountants and other professional advisors in a wide range of tax litigation cases involving the Canada Revenue Agency and the Ontario Ministry of Finance, and represent a variety of clients including individuals, family businesses and large corporations.

We represent clients in tax litigation cases. Our Team has superior case management skills and achieves the most favourable resolution of disputes for our clients, whether through negotiating timely and reasonable settlements or by vigorous representation in court.

Alpert Law Firm’s tax litigation services in the Tax Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Canada and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice include:

  • Allowable Business Investment Losses
  • Appeals to the Federal Court of Canada
  • Capital Gains Exemptions
  • CPP and EI Appeals
  • Deductibility of Expenses and Losses
  • Directors' Liability Assessments
  • Extensions of Time to File an Appeal
  • GST Assessments
  • Judicial Review of Decisions by Taxpayer Relief Committee
  • Net Worth Assessments
  • Penalty Assessments
  • Retail Sales Tax Appeals
  • Tax Evasion Cases
  • Unreported Income Assessments

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